Rand Paul 2016

Could Rand Paul be a contender for the presidency of the United States of America in 2016? First he would obviously have to get the Republican party nomination. Then we would get Rand Paul 2016 posters all over the place!

Rand Paul is son of libertarian icon Ron Paul. Rand is very much like his father. He has a strong libertarian theme throughout his policies. Like his father he is a voice for rigid constitutionalism.

We hope the future of a party like the Republican party in the United States of America would be a shift to the smaller government and libertarian values.

Already there of soundings of opposition against Rand Paul from the right. In 2012, Ian Fletcher who is the former senior economist at the Coalition for a Prosperous America said “Libertarians are a noisy minority in the Republican party but not even close to numerous enough to take it over”.

He has also said “Libertarianism is like socialism: it attracts precocious teenagers but most people grow out of it as they get experience in real politics and see that you can’t reduce it all to one thing, not even freedom.”

Rand Paul will hopefully argue how such attitudes are scare mongering. Many of the issues the United States face would be helped greatly by a more libertarian take on them.