Welcome to our blog on Libertarianism!

We hope you will find it thoughtful and informative. Opening you eyes to positions which will hopefully become more and more main stream.

This site is to give a chance to explore the main aspects of Libertarianism in our modern world.

We will be discussing libertarianism with a focus on drugs, prostitution, civil liberties, Labour, property and many other subjects.

We will also concentrate on how both the UK and the USA deal with libertarianism. Both countries have similar views on say drug policy but different views on prostitution for example. Many high class escorts in London take advantage of this.

We will deal with both the socialist and capitalist aspects and views on this subject.

Whether the world is becoming more a tune to Libertarianism in the twenty first century will also be investigated. The western world may struggle to embrace these concepts. But there is a strong and growing movement in many western countries to highlight to positive and common sense aspects of Libertarianism.

This site will also look at the difference between Libertarianism and Anarchism. Though some may see them as very similar, we will highlight what makes them not so. What is important to keep in mind is that libertarian ideas are not about abolishing the state. They are about limiting the power of the state in the lives of adults. As well as concentrating the power of the state or more important areas. Especially areas where it can make a real difference.

The posts area of the site will be updated with articles discussing these concepts. It is important to look at many aspects of modern life from the libertarian perspective. This site will try and keep up with new ideas and the evolution in libertarian thinking from across the globe. We will soon add a post about the black lives matter movement and we will look at the calendar of events at the black women enterprise. Look out for transgender issues too!

We are confident you will enjoy reading through it!